Book of the Month: February 2019

Another slow-ish month on the blog in terms of reading, but I have now finally finished a project I was working on, so hopefully that should make for a more book filled March, (which is no bad thing considering my recent book buying binge).

In the main I would say my reads for February were good, predominately earning the rating of 4.25/5. Thankfully there were only a couple which felt more like dud reads. Given how the majority of my reads clustered around a similar rating score, the decision over which title should win the accolade of Book of Month, only came down to two books: The Lethal Sex (1959) ed. by John Macdonald and The Jazz Files (2015) by Fiona Veitch Smith. An ironic pair I must admit. I pondered quite a bit over which title should win first place and in the end I went for *drum roll*

Yes despite a less than ideal choice of editor, the quality and strength of the stories in the collection more than make up for that. In particular the stories which pulled this collection into the lead were the rug pulling ‘Two for Tea by Margaret Manners, Juanita Sheridan’s ‘There are no Snakes in Hawaii’ and Christianna Brand’s ‘Dear Mr MacDonald,’ which has a brilliant ending and cleverly uses a letter in, dare I say it, an original way. The writers in this anthology sure know how to pack a punch into a small number of pages and as I said in my review: it is a masterclass in psychological suspense, domestic crime and twists. So it pretty much goes without saying that it is highly recommended.

So here’s to a good month of reading in March! May your reads be brilliant and your reading interruptions few!

P. S. This month also had the blog first of my cat, Agatha, offering her own thoughts on Christianna Brand’s Cat and Mouse (1950). Suffice to say Aggie didn’t quite go into the book with the same expectations as I did…

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