Helping my TBR Pile Gain a Few More Pounds (or books in this case)

Keen eyed readers of the blog may have noticed that my TBR pile was becoming quite vertically challenged. 7 books barely constitutes a pile really, more of TBR mole hill. I can imagine the laughter many bookaholics would have at the absurdity of such a small collection of books. Understandably I was getting increasing alarmed by the diminishing pile/mole hill. Of course there is only one solution for such a predicament, which is … to buy more books!Thankfully a much anticipated Amazon voucher came through, so the book buying spree could begin with gusto. It’s a good feeling when you get to the Amazon checkout page and realise you only have a couple of pounds to pay. Anyways I thought I would share with you the titles that are hopefully going to be winging their way to me soon, short of a mixed up packages and losses in the post; (the best/worst example of that being when I got a motorbike book instead of a much awaited Delano Ames novel):

Do let me know if you’ve tried any of these and of course hopefully enjoyed them as well!


  1. Some interesting looking titles there though none I have any personal experience of. Hope that they exceed expectations when they arrive (and that there are no rogue motorcycle books among them).

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  2. The title of this post tricked me into believing you were asking again for book recommendations and I was ready to oblige once more, but it seems you have enough reading material on your hands at this moment, so I’m putting my list back in the pocket for now. 🙂

    I’ve read only two of the items on your list, The Noonday Devil and The Long Shadow, and enjoyed both.

    Noonday was my introduction to Ursula Curtiss and made me an instant fan, though it’s not a typical book of hers: the main protagonist is a male and the whodunit element is stronger than usual. Curtis reviewed it on his blog some time ago if memory serves.

    The Long Shadow in my and HRF Keating’s opinion is Fremlin’s best book, even better than The Hours Before Dawn, but you’ll have to read it to understand why as I won’t tell you ANYTHING about the plot. I know, I’m being cruel but you’ll thank me later.

    Or not. 😉

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    • haha you know I’m always willing to accept suggestions from you Xavier for book recommendations. I am wondering if the Curtiss title was one of your recommendations from last year? Glad you enjoyed the two titles you mentioned as there is always that anxiety that someone will comment and say how terrible all my purchases were! Very excited about the Fremlin title now given how much you rate it above THBD, as I really enjoyed that one.


  3. Phoebe Atwood Taylor’s books, both the series you ordered and the Asey Mayo series, are favorites of mine.
    My worst mailing disaster happened here in the US when I sent a hard to replace Beverley Nichols hardback mystery to a friend. The envelope arrived – empty! Did a book maniac steal it? (Easier to forgive.) Did no one at the post office notice that something had fallen out of the envelope? Infuriating! I now tape the life out of any and all packages I entrust to the post office!

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  4. I’ve only read Julie Wassmer’s novel – which I enjoyed. I liked the series in general – full of warm details pertaining to location and characterisation. 😊

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      • ‘The Noonday Devil’ is great book in my opinion & Ursula Curtiss is a really fine & unjustly neglected writer. This one starts off as a thriller, then shifts into her more usual domestic suspense territory. I gave up on ‘The Amber Shadows’ but others may like it. Too heavily – and too obviously – researched, too complicated, too lacking in focus [or maybe I mean too indiscriminately focused on every little detail instead of on the main plot] & just not appealing. Funnily enough I started reading Fremlin’s ‘The Long Shadow’ a few days ago but so far I’ve found it very unconvincing – however after reading some of the comments here I’ll give it another go.

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      • Yes, it was through his blog entry that I first got to know of the Whitstable Pearl series. 🙂

        I see that your copy of ‘High Mortality of Doves’ has arrived too?

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