CADS 79 is here!

It doesn’t feel that long since I blogged about the last issue of CADs magazine, so I was delightfully surprised to find this land on my doormat today. Geoff Bradley and CADs’ many contributors are certainly spoiling us this time round. Not only is Tony Medawar giving us a piece on the cousins who wrote as Ellery Queen, he is also treating us to an article on Dorothy L. Sayers, which includes three rules Sayers wrote for detective stories to follow, as well as a quiz from the Evening Standard in 1936, in which readers had to guess the sleuth based on a quote. I know what I will be doing this evening…

If you’re still in the mood for puzzles then John Curran has also provided a piece for this issue on Crosswords and Detective Stories. What else is there you ask? Well through Charles Shibuk readers can take a look at an earlier list Howard Haycraft created of stories foundational to the detective fiction genre, whilst in other articles readers can learn more about Francis Duncan’s Mordecai Tremaine (Jamie Sturgeon), J. S. Fletcher’s The Middle Temple (Nigel Moss), John Bude (Philip L. Scowcroft), Edgar Box (Philip Gooden), Andrea Camilleri’s Inspector Montalbano (Bruce Shaw) and lots more! This is also an inaugural issue for Brad Friedman who has written his first piece for the magazine on Agatha Christie, (no surprises there if you are a keen reader of his blog ahsweetmysteryblog). One of the things I have loved and still love about this magazine series is the diversity and variety each issue brings, meaning there is usually always something there for everyone, regardless of their crime fiction reading preferences. So if this sounds like your kind of magazine then I would warmly recommend getting in touch with the editor Geoff Bradley at:


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