Out Now: The Pocket Detective

So earlier this year I was able to reveal a project I had been working on with the British Library; namely a puzzle book centred on the mysteries they have been reprinting in their classic crime reprint series.  There are all kinds of puzzles from word based conundrums to odd ones out, spot the differences, anagrams and more. But of the course the great news is that it is finally available to buy online and in all good book shops and the even better news for me is that day 1 of the release and there is already a 5/5 review on Amazon (my new favourite person). Several bloggers have also been sharpening their wits on these puzzles from last week including the Puzzle Doctor, Brad, Aidan and Postcard Reviews (if I’ve missed your name out let me know and I’ll add you in!).

One puzzle I was quite pleased with were the Snapshot Covers, puzzles in which readers have to deduce from small segments, “snapshots”, which covers from the British Library Classic Crimes series are being shown. Therefore in honour of the book being released today, I decided to whet your appetite, (for the book that is, not grilled cheese sandwiches or chocolate cake unfortunately), with a new Snapshot cover puzzle for readers to test their memories with. All you have to do is decide which titles are being shown below, based on the small section you are allowed to see. Answers will be posted up next week. Enjoy!


Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2


Snapshot 3

Snapshot 4

Snapshot 5

Snapshot 6

Snapshot 7

Snapshot 8

Snapshot 9

Snapshot 10



  1. Congrats on the release of “Pocket Detective”! Hope it garners good sales and provides hours of joy for readers. 😊

    Looking forward to Anthony Horowitz’s upcoming novel – and looking forward to hearing your preview of it.

    Liked by 1 person

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