Book of the Month: September 2018

I know, I know, I know, it’s late! In reference to my last post I am figuratively back in the office, though I would say my brain hasn’t quite got into gear yet. So if I don’t make too much sense you’ll know why…

Regular followers of my blog will know last month was not one of my greatest months for reading. Only managed 12 books for a start and of those 12 a large proportion felt like quite lukewarm reads. I didn’t gel with characters, I found books unengaging and overall didn’t seem to be on the same page as anyone really.

I started to think I had turned into a reading Grinch, but then sometimes it turned out my ratings were still higher than others for certain books, so then I started thinking maybe I wasn’t being a reading Grinch after all. Suffice to say my general ability to appreciate a book got a bit warped. On the other hand this made the BOM judging a very easy process as the one book which stood out miles ahead of the others had to be Martin Edwards’ newly released book: Gallows Court. Perhaps it was the brilliance of this book which made it hard to enjoy my other reads as much. Blame it all on Martin – not a bad idea… After all Gallows Court is a gripping thriller, with a highly intricate plot and a very enigmatic trend bucking female lead. I really hope he writes a sequel.

However, a few other books I think worthy of a mention are C. S. Forester’s The Pursued (2011), The Case with No Conclusion (1939) by Leo Bruce and The Wife of Patrick Sheldon (1954) by Patrick Quentin.

In other news….

It was nice to come back from my holiday to find the first blog review of my upcoming puzzle book: The Pocket Detective which can be found on Brad’s blog. I also returned to the publication of the interview I did with my local paper on the Hexham Courant on the book as well. For my first newspaper interview I think I fulfilled my goal of not making a total idiot of myself, which you can judge for yourself by clicking the link here.


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