Challenge No. 10 – The Answers

So the post you’ve all been waiting for this week …. is probably not this one, (though one can dream), but last Saturday I set some fiendish odd one out puzzles for readers to solve. A general clue I will give out is that for Groups 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 all of the texts have a key similarity. Yet within this similarity there is one difference in one of the texts. If this has given you a light bulb or eureka moment head back to the original post. Or if you are one of the no doubt many people shouting, “Get on with it Kate,” at your computer screen then here are the answers…

N. B. The answers to Group 4, 7 and 8 have Christie based spoilers.

Group 1

Answer: Crooked House, as all the other options significantly feature the sport of golf.

Group 2

Answer: The Case of the Late Pig, as all of the stories feature pigs in them, but Allingham’s story is the only one where there is a literal pig involved. In the others they are symbolic/non-literal. This is probably more evident in the case of Five Little Pigs, but in Black as he’s Painted there are two pottery pigs used to deadly effect and in Hercule Poirot’s Christmas, suspects/witnesses say that Simeon Lee sounded like a pig being killed when he was murdered.

Group 3

Answer: ‘The Image in the Mirror’ by Sayers, as all the others involve poison pen letters.

Group 4

Answer: Elephants Can Remember. They all include retrospective cases, yet in the other three cases, these past crimes lead to murders in the present day. In ECR this is not the case.

Group 5

Answer: Lord Edgware Dies, as whilst all of the novels involve actresses, this is the only case where an actress is the killer, (she says hoping Death in Jezebel does not involve one. If it does JJ keep schtum).

Group 6

Answer: The Pale Horse. All 4 options involve clergymen, but this is the only one where a clergyman is a victim. In the other three they are all suspects to varying degrees.

Group 7

Answer: Peril at End House, as they all involve drug dealing, but this is the only one where the killer commits suicide using drugs.

Group 8

Answer: Cards on the Table as all the others involve secret or concealed marriages.

Group 9

Answer: The Noose. All 4 options have significant colonel characters. Yet in the other three they are all murder victims, whilst in this novel by Macdonald, the central sleuth is a colonel.

Group 10

Answer: Death of a Ghost. The other three options involve a death in a tube station, yet in this Allingham novel, Albert Campion only nearly gets killed in a tube station. The Clocks may not seem like it has a tube station death, but Mrs Rival, a secondary character is found stabbed at Victoria tube station.

Group 11

Answer: Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, as all the others involve dead bodies being found in the bath.

On a final note a while ago I set Challenge 9, which had two add a letter puzzles within it. However I kind of forgot to post the answers up at the time. So for those poor souls still left in suspense the two answers were: (Harriet) Rutland and (Doris Miles) Disney.

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