Coming soon from the British Library… The Pocket Detective

Some eagle-eyed viewers of the British Library Crime Classic’s Facebook page, catalogue and Twitter account may have noticed their latest announcement for: The Pocket Detective, which shall be coming out on the 18th October. The brilliant cover for which you can see below…

Though hopefully you don’t need to be too eagle-eyed to notice the possibly familiar name of the puzzle compiler …. IT’S ME!

It’s great to be able to talk about it now online and it’s exciting to think it won’t be long until it finally appears in print, something which seemed little more than a dream when I sent in my proposal for the project 18(ish) months ago. For those who haven’t read the info on the Facebook page, The Pocket Detective is a puzzle book, in which the puzzles are based on the titles in the British Library Crime Classics series – though Christie and Sayers do pop up in them as well from time to time. There’s all kinds of puzzles from word searches and spot the differences to anagrams and odd one out puzzles. Importantly the variety of puzzles have been designed to cater for readers who are perhaps more new to the Crime Classics series, as well as those hard core fans who have every title sitting on their bookshelves at home.

American fans of the series don’t need to be dismayed as I believe Poison Pen Press are going to be printing it in US at some point (not sure on dates). But for UK readers if October seems like an awfully long time to wait I am fairly sure there are going to be some copies of the puzzle book available at the Bodies from the Library conference in June.

So all this leaves me to say is I hope you love the book, as much as I enjoyed creating it!



  1. This is such a cool idea, congrats on proposing it, having it accepted, and seeing it through — very excited to see what you’ve come up with. Fame and fortune await!

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  2. Bravo (or is it “Brava”?), Kate! I have always enjoyed puzzles of all sorts, in addition to the literary ones in the mysteries that we read, and I’m eagerly awaiting Poisoned Pen Press’s republication of your book in the US!

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  3. If everyone who fill your blog we’re to contribute just fifty dollars, Kate, th n I could make it to BitL and purchase an autographed copy and PERSONALLY congratulate you on this amazing achievement! Come on, folks, whaddaya day. – it’s for Kate!!!

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  4. Congratulations! That sounds like a lot of hard work on your part. Too bad it will be so long before it makes its way to the US, but on the other hand, it is good that Poison Pen Press is making that series available here at all.

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    • Yeah some of the puzzles were quite hard to construct in the beginning, but got easier once I’d got my head around the software I needed to use. Hopefully it won’t take too much longer to come out in the US. That or you need to curry favour with a UK friend to post you a copy out!


  5. That’s exciting news — Congratulations! The cover looks great, and I’m sure the puzzles inside will be entertainingly bedeviling. I look forward to picking up a copy when it becomes available on this side of the Atlantic. All best wishes — JH

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