Weekend Puzzle: Add a Letter

Something slightly different on the blog today. The puzzle muse (that’s totally a thing right?), came upon me and I decided to create a couple of add a letter word puzzles, which in deference to the blog’s general premise, are both surnames for less well-known female vintage mystery writers. If you’ve not come across such a puzzle before, all you have to do is add one letter to the words on the left hand side, which corresponds with accompanying clue on the right. The letter added goes into the middle column. At the end this column should spell out the surname. I wouldn’t say these are too taxing and unlike the spot the differences puzzle I did last year, they are not likely to give you head/eye pain. So if all they do is brighten a relaxing 5 minutes of your day, then I will feel they have not been in vain. So without further ado here they are… (answers will pop up at some point next week).

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2


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