Books to Look Out for in 2018

December is a busy time for bloggers, looking back at the books they have read, the ones they wish they hadn’t read and the ones they really meant to read but never got around to, and yes at some point one such type of post will probably adorn this blog (bet you can’t wait!).

However today’s post is looking at some of the books which have come onto my radar as being released next year and for all us fans of vintage mystery fiction there seems to be a good selection in store.

First up the British Library are spoiling us with the following titles…

Next up is Harper Collins who have an equally interesting array of vintage crime…

They will also be reprinting The Deductions of Colonel Gore by Lynn Brock and The Vase Mystery by Vernon Loder (no cover art available as of yet).

Across the Atlantic Felony and Mayhem are starting the year with some new reprints by Lenore Glen Offord and Patricia (which I will hopefully be sampling)…

I tried Celia Fremlin for the first time this year with her novel, The Hours Before Dawn and have been eager to try more of her work, so it was very pleasing to see that her novels are being reprinted by Dover Publications next year.

Fellow Boris Akunin fans will also be pleased that another of his works is being translated, Black City.

Ngaio Marsh fans will be intrigued to know that Stella Duffy’s completion of Marsh’s Money in the Morgue will be coming out in 2018 as well.

That’s all for now. But as and when I find more interesting upcoming titles I’ll add them to the list. Or of course you can save me a job and add relevant missing titles in the comments below.


  1. Thanks for this list – a lot of appealing books here. 2018 will be expensive!

    Amazingly one of these titles is one I have been trying to remember for the past 3 months – Dead Men Don’t Ski – which a friend at university considered the finest mystery novel ever written. I had little interest in borrowing it at the time but I will look forward to reading the new edition.

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  2. I also noticed looking at the forthcoming titles on Audible that 2 are up for pre order on Audible. Invisible weapons, and Mr Bowling. Both Harper Collins titles. I cannot see any of the others yet. But in Oz we don’t always get access to all the titles.
    And I must commend you on your psychic abilities, I have an old edition of Collins Crime Club of Dead men don’t ski, sitting beside me. I need tales set in snow, blizzard and ice to combat our current heatwave.

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    • haha yes it still boggles my mind to imagine people celebrating Christmas in shorts and sunglasses. Must also boggle writers as well, as you don’t tend to get December set novels/mysteries set during heat waves. Hope it cools down for you soon.


  3. That’s a truckload of excellent titles, thanks for the heads up. Have read a few Patricia Moyes and ‘Dead Men Don’t Ski’ was by far my favourite. And I’m going to join Brad in the Corridor of Disdain by being quite interested to read the Marsh. Roderick Alleyn and some pacing issues are a blight on her books, but at her best she could tell a good story with a lot of descriptive verve. I know nothing of Stella Duffy but perhaps she can tone down the ‘Foxkinsness’ a spot.

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    • I would probably quibble over Marsh’s ability to tell a good story, as she does like doing interminably long back to back interviews with suspects. But each to their own. My favourite Marsh is probably Scales of Justice and then Surfeit of Lampreys and my least favourite is Spinsters in Jeopardy.


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