Coming soon to the blog…

I thought it would be nice to share with you, dear blog readers, some of the books I will be hopefully reviewing in the next few weeks. In particular I wanted to share with you some books I received from a new publishing venture – Madsheep.

I reviewed this one on the blog last year. You can read my review here. East’s novel is a comically bizarre tale which certainly gives you a more unusual mystery from the golden age of detection writing period. Having a beautiful cover like this one never hurts either.

Louis Tracy (1863-1928) is a new vintage mystery writer for me, as I had not heard of him until Madsheep brought him to my attention. So I’m really looking forward to giving these two a try soon. Madsheep have also reprinted 6 other Tracy novels so I recommend visiting their site.

One final book I hope to be reviewing soon (though not from Madsheep) is Boris Akunin’s All the World’s a Stage, the 11th book in the Fandorin series, which has finally been translated into English. So lots to look forward to!!!


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