Hot Off The Press: CADS 76

It is always a great day when the latest issue of CADS (Crime and Detective Stories) pops through my letter box. The variety and depth of the articles and reviews make each issue a pleasure to read and today’s issue is no different. There is lots I am looking forward to reading to such as:
Serendip’s Detections XVI: Disjecta Membra by Tony Medawar. Despite the slightly baffling title, this article ‘is the first attempt to provide a definitive and accurate overview’ of all the unpublished material featuring Lord Peter Wimsey.

Two and Nearly Three, Crime Classics by Andrew Garve by Pete Johnson. Although Garve is not a writer I have read often, I have always enjoyed his work when I have, so looking forward to reading about his work here.

Women Detectives in Fiction: The Early Period by Philip L. Scowcroft, who explores Sayers’ comments on female detectives.

My own offering for this issue is: Is Mystery Fiction the Prerogative of Individualist Cultures?, a piece which muses on how crime fiction works in collectivist and individualist cultures, commenting on works from China, Czechoslovakia, India and lots more. It will be great to see what people make of it.

If you feel like giving this magazine a try then email the very hardworking editor, Geoff Bradley at:


  1. Hi, I think the publication is great and I hope it continues to grow. There is nothing like it in the US. The articles are nicely written with just the right amount of scholarship . Three cheers for CADS. Regards, andy

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