Book of the Month: September 2017

It has been quite a busy month one way or another, so I’m quite impressed with the amount of books I managed to squeeze in. My reading has been fairly varied this month with a number of Christie and Marsh re-reads, some new releases, some literary criticism and even some true crime! There was also of course my informal poll to find the most popular titles in the British Library Crime Classics series, which brought up a quite a few surprises. So all in all deciding on my Book of the Month was a very hard task, so much so that I did decide to cheat a little…

Best Short Story Collection

Technically I only read one short story collection this month, but The Long Arm of the Law is such a good one that it definitely deserves a title of its own.

Joint Best Novels

This was the trickiest round for me to decide on and in the end I opted for the Littles’ The Black Coat (1948) and Farjeon’s Seven Dead (1939), which show both writers at their best.

9 months in and I am still managing to participate in Bev Hankins’ Follow the Clue Challenge. With this month’s reads my chain is now 126 books long!! The latest links in the chain can be seen below:




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