Book of the Month: August 2017

August was a good month for reading, not just in terms of quantity, (though that has certainly helped my the size of my TBR pile), but also in quality, as quite a number of my reads were 4/5 or higher. Three books stood out for me in particular though. Firstly there was my re-read of Ethel Lina White’s Some Must Watch (1933), which was a brilliant re-experience, though I remembered from my first read to not read it late at night. This month also saw another review from the work of Delano Ames. In the last couple of months I had some more average reads from this author so it was great to find that Crime, Gentlemen, Please (1954), was a return to form – though of course good luck finding a copy! August also saw the release of Anthony Horowitz’s latest novel, The Word is Murder (2017) and whilst I think Magpie Murders (2016) was a bit better, there is still loads to love with this new one.

But which book won the coveted Book of the Month accolade? It was a tough call but I ultimately went with White’s book, as it is a remarkable book and a forerunner of modern crime fiction in many ways.

Below is August’s reading in full, as regular readers will know (and be sick of being reminded of course), that I am participating in Bev Hankin’s Follow the Clues Challenge (click here to find out more). My total number of linked books is now at 113!

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