Book of the Month: July 2017

July was a productive month in terms of my reading, managing to review 17 books (2 of which were short story collections). I returned to favourite authors such as Delano Ames, Leo Bruce, Henry Wade and Richard Hull. But July was definitely my month for trying out lots of new authors, many of which I would strongly recommend, such as Doris Miles Disney, Yolanda Foldes and D. B. Olsen. This month I was also continuing my participation in Bev’s Follow the Clues Mystery Challenge (whereby participants create a book chain with their reading). For more info click here. July’s reads have meant my chain length is now 98 books long (Hooray!) and below shows the links between this month’s reads.

Book 98: Death Walks in Eastrepps (1931) by Francis Beeding. Like Corbett’s book this one has the word death in the title.

You may be wondering why Book 98 got left out of the above graphic, put simply Word was causing havoc with my attempts to add this one, so I decided life was too short to waste time trying to figure out how to appease it.

Choosing this month’s Book of the Month was quite an easy choice as there was one clear 5/5 winner, which was Yolanda Foldes’ Mind Your Own Murder (1948). This book had a wonderful concept which was brilliantly executed, giving the reader both a strong mystery puzzle, as  well as good characterisation. However, there were a number of worthy runner up reads this month, in particular Henry Wade’s A Dying Fall (1955), Doris Miles Disney’s Family Skeleton (1949) and Death Walks in Eastrepps (1931) by Francis Beeding.

On a non-book related note July was also a good month for me bringing four new fluffy arrivals…

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