The Mystery Readers Journal: Latest Issue

Just a brief post to highlight the release of the latest issue of the Mystery Reader Journal, which is already on to its thirty-third volume. Impressive! The Mystery Reader Journal is edited by Janet Rudolph and something which has greatly appealed to me about this publication is the way each issue has a specific theme. This time around the theme is Murder in Wartime. Another big facet of this publication is the space it gives for authors to talk about their own work and scanning through the list I found a number of familiar names including: Frances Body, Rhys Bowen, Dolores Gordon-Smith and Peter Lovesey.
This issue also contains some of my own thoughts on World War II and the Golden Age Tradition, looking at how the war was incorporated into such mystery novels and for what purpose. I look at a range of authors including Patricia Wentworth, Cyril Hare, Ethel Lina White and Agatha Christie.
If you are interested in getting a copy (PDF or Hard copy), click here, which takes you to Rudolph’s  own announcement of the latest issue and also providing a complete contents of what the issue contains.


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Qualified English teacher, with a passion for literature and crime fiction. On a random note I also own pygmy goats and chickens with afros (it doesn't get any cooler than that).
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  1. Brad says:

    It’s exciting to see you getting to write for all these journals and publications, Kate! 🙂

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