Book of the Month: June 2017

I clocked in 17 reads this month, making my TBR pile looked a little more seemly and I have now reached 81 books in my book chain, as part of Bev’s (at My Reader’s Block) Follow the Clues Challenge. You can see this month’s part of the chain below (hopefully, unless WordPress decides to be less agreeable):

This month the Book of the Month award is shared by two books: Guy Fraser-Sampson’s A Whiff of Cyanide (2017) and Anthony Berkeley’s The Piccadilly Murder (1929). Both were brilliant reads with engaging and engrossing characters. They also provided well-made puzzles to get your little grey cells going and their use of humour is great. Unsurprisingly they are both books I strongly recommend.
Another challenge I have been participating in this year is Bev’s Vintage Mystery Scavenger Hunt. As with last year I have been doing the gold card, which means my reads for this challenge have to have been published prior to 1960. However, I have decided to also join in with her silver card which extends the date to 1989. I don’t think I’ll complete all of this card but it would be nice for some of my other reads to contribute to a challenge (don’t want to be too year-ist after all).

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