Book of the Month: May 2017

Only a smidge late with my roundup of last’s month mystery fiction reading – hopefully somewhere in the world it is still the 31st May. I managed to read 13 novels this time, as well as Sam Naidu’s collection of essays on Sherlock Holmes. As ever I am still taking part in Bev’s Follow the Clues challenge, which she hosts amongst many others at her blog My Reader’s Block. In this challenge I have find links between the novels I read and my original goal was for 12 books. However in January I surpassed that figure and decided to keep on going, so by adding May’s reads to my overall total, my chain is now 66 books long! Below is a reminder of the books I read in May, with their all important links shown:

But which was my favourite? Whilst there were quite a number of solid reads, the two which stood out for were Agatha Christie’s Sleeping Murder (1976) (always an old favourite) and Richard Hull’s Keep It Quiet (1935). After a lot umming and humming and generally being indecisive I eventually decided to make Hull’s novel, the winner of my Book of the Month title. I loved his wonderfully executed humour and it is now one of my favourite comic crime novels. It has plenty of twists and surprises and is an all round entertaining read.


  1. Glad to be recommended a novel and an author I’ve little knowledge of. But frustrated that my local Kindle store doesn’t have a copy… Oh well, I shall go and get ‘Lyttleton Case’ for consolation. 🙂

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    • Sorry about the lack of availability of some of them. I have had some luck in buying up the more obscure ones from private sales. Though at least if you ever see them going cheap somewhere you’ll know to try them. Hope the LC is a good read for you.


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