Hot Off The Press: A look at CADS Magazine Issue 75

Regular readers of the blog will have gathered by now how big a fan I am of this magazine and my tendency to urge everyone to try it. One of the many strengths of this publication is its wide variety of topics and this latest issue is no different. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Six Norwegian Crime Authors in Search of an Audience by Per Bonesmo – I am particularly intrigued by this article as I enjoy learning about earlier crime writing periods in countries outside of the US and UK.
  • Cyril Hare’s An English Murder: The Finest Christmas Mystery? by Pete Johnson – I can see this piece causing a lot of discussion.
  • Old Sins, Long Shadows: The Retrospective Detective Story by Tony Medawar – Having recently read a few of these I am looking forward to reading this more thematic piece.
  • Winifred Peck’s Crime Novels by Martin Edwards – I’ve read one of Peck’s novels last year through the Dean Street Press so it will be good to return to looking at this author.
  • The First Historical Mystery? by Niels H. Frandsen
  • There is also quite a Holmes filled issue as not only is there my own piece looking at The Valley of Fear, but there is also Susumu Kobayashi’s Had Conan Doyle Read Henry Cauvain’s Maximilien Heller? and Lyn McConchie’s Animals in Sherlock Holmes.

Of course there is lots more besides this and I rarely come away from reading an issue without adding a few more titles to my TBR pile. If this sounds like your sort of magazine (and it is available outside of the UK), email the editor Geoff Bradley at:


  1. I agree with Ida. I started subscribing about a year ago & now always get a few back issues as well (also makes sense to buy a few copies at a time as I have to pay postage to Australia anyway. Why buy 1 copy when you can buy 5?) Always enjoy reading CADS & I’m looking forward to the new issue. I’ve just read Winifred Peck’s Arrest the Bishop? & I’m a Holmes & Cyril Hare fan so lots to look forward to.

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