Book of the Month: April 2017

It is that time of the month again where I take a look at the books I have read from my everlasting TBR pile. I  managed 12 books this month (well technically 13 but I’ll be putting that review up tomorrow) and on the whole I would say there were a number of good books. In fact when it comes to second place for my Book of Month title there were a lot of options with books from Lenore Glen Offord, Helen Reilly and Christianna Brand. However the clear winner this month was Todd Downing’s Vultures in the Sky (1935), which was a very enjoyable and tense train bound mystery, where the bodies keep dropping and the unexpected invariably happens. So if you’ve not tried Downing’s work before this title would be a good one to start with and thankfully Downing’s work has been reprinted by the Coachwhip Press.

To help keep track of my progression in Bev Hankin’s (host of My Reader’s Block Blog)Follow the Clues Challenge here is how this month’s reading have linked with each other, bringing my total to 53 books:

Apologies for the smallest of the font but if I made the picture any bigger it became too wide for the post. But I’m sure being crime fiction fans you all have magnifying glasses anyways.
Also as promised here are the answers to my Gladys Mitchell Titles quiz. If you haven’t had a go already click here. Otherwise here were the hidden titles:
1. Speedy Death
2. Dead Men’s Morris
3. St Peter’s Finger
4. Printer’s Error
5. My Father Sleeps
6. Groaning Spinney
7. Watson’s Choice
8. The Nodding Canaries
9. The Croaking Raven
10. Skeleton Island
11. Gory Dew
12. No Winding-Sheet
As ever let me know what your best reads of the month have been. After all how else will my TBR pile maintain its’ infinite nature?


  1. Glad that Todd Downing won it! I’ve ‘Night over Mexico’ and ‘Last Trumpet’ still to go… Maybe I should add in ‘Murder on a Tour’ as the others aren’t quite as well-reviewed.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I meant the others apart from those that I’ve read or owe, on the basis of blog recommendations. The ones that have been positively reviewed are: ‘Vultures in the Sky’ (recommended by TomCat), ‘Murder in the Tropics’ (recommended by Curt), ‘The Cat Screams’ (recommended by you), ‘Night over Mexico’ (recommended by Curt) and ‘Last Trumpet’ (recommended by Patrick). The others don’t seem to have received strong reviews… 😦 Except ‘Murder on a Tour’ – though I’m hesitant because of issues of fair-play.


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