In Honour of her Birthday: Gladys Mitchell, 116 Today!

On this day 116 years ago the creator of the infamous and famous Mrs Bradley was born. I do have to admit to not being the world’s biggest fan of Gladys Mitchell. Whilst I often enjoy her settings and her characters, especially the wonderfully bizarre Mrs Bradley, her plotting can let her down, in my opinion. Consequently this post is not going to be a list of my favourites of her work as I only have two or three of these. Instead though I have decided on a little quiz based around the titles she used for her mysteries, as she certainly knew how to pick some fairly odd ones. In the picture below are a jumbled series of words and it is your challenge, if you wish to accept it, to find 12 of Mitchell’s titles from within them. Not all of the words need to be used. You can share you answers below if you like and answers will go up next week. Enjoy!



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Qualified English teacher, with a passion for literature and crime fiction. On a random note I also own pygmy goats and chickens with afros (it doesn't get any cooler than that).
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8 Responses to In Honour of her Birthday: Gladys Mitchell, 116 Today!

  1. Without looking them up, Speedy Death, Watson’s Choice, St Peter’s Finger are there, as is Mystery Of The Butcher’s Shop, although there may be an extra The in there. Other than that… Green Tomatoes?

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  2. 1066jq says:

    I’ve never read her so I have no idea.


  3. Santosh Iyer says:

    Is the word Sleep correct ? Or should it be Sleeps ?


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