Agatha Christie Spot the Difference

Ever keen to try something new on the blog I have had a go at making a spot the difference challenge, using the cover designed by Tom Adams for Dead Man’s Folly. The differences might be additions, omissions or alterations. Since this is my first go at doing this for a blog format I’d be happy to hear user feedback, as it would be good to know whether the pictures are big enough for example, for the differences to be noticed. If you fancy giving it a go put your answers in the comments section below, describing the changes you have noted e.g. Dog is missing from bottom right hand corner. There are 15 differences to spot. The original cover is the one on the left hand side and the one on the right side is the altered copy. I’ll post a picture next week highlighting the differences. Enjoy!



  1. OMG, this reminds me of some puzzles that occur in a mess of Hidden Object video games I played as part of intensive research for an article I planned on Poe stories turned into video games. Just like Bev I found only 12 differences and gave up looking for the final three after massive eyestrain.

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  2. I got all the 15 differences. It may be noted that the picture on the right is slightly cropped on the left side which may give rise to false differences.

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    • Yeah that cropping was unintentional but is a consequence of swapping between different computer programmes. Thanks for spotting it (and as well as JJ). I’ve cropped the original slightly so they match (hopefully).


  3. Nice idea! I found 13 including the column on the left of the picture being cropped out…but I’m not sure how deliberate that is. So I found 12, didn’t I? Anyway, it’s a great concept, and a very good first go — more, I say, more!

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