With the Tuesday Night Bloggers Murder Always Comes First

It is the start of a new year and with January being the first month, we at the Tuesday Night Bloggers (a group of eccentric eclectic crime fiction bloggers) decided to have firsts as this month’s theme. Such a theme is wide open to interpretation so over this month posts may be touching on first books by authors and first appearances of our favourite sleuths, as well as a host of other crime fiction firsts. Much thanks needs to be given to Bev at My Reader’s Block who has devised this brilliant cover image for this month’s theme. To date these are the posts I have rounded up from the blogosphere but message me in the comments section below if I have missed anyone out:


Bev at My Reader’s Block: Death at Swaythling Court

Brad at ah sweet mystery blog: The First Detectives

Moira at Clothes in Books: The First Dr Fell Book

For my own contribution this week I decided to get everyone’s little grey cells working with a quiz. This quiz though is no ordinary one where I give you questions to answer. Instead like on one of the rounds on the BBC show, Mock the Week, I will be giving you the answers. Your challenge is to decide what the question for each answer was. Given this month’s theme, the answers in this quiz are all related to crime fiction firsts. For example if one of the answers was The Murder at the Vicarage, then the likely question would be what was the first novel Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple appeared in? Add your answers to the comments section below and I will be putting the answers up later in the week. Good luck!

  1. A Study in Scarlet
  2. John Lang
  3. Charles Laughton
  4. Speedy Death
  5. Fly Paper
  6. Margaret Rutherford
  7. The Big Sleep
  8. Strong Poison
  9. Lawrence Treat
  10. The Crime at Black Dudley
  11. G K Chesterton
  12. A Man Lay Dead
  13. Max Carrados
  14. The Female Detective
  15. It Walks By Night
  16. The Roman Hat Mystery
  17. Agatha Christie in 1955.
  18. The Conjuror Man Dies
  19. Gracie Fields
  20. The Mystery of the Blue Train


  1. 1. In which story by Conan Doyle do Sherlock Holmes and Watson appear for the first time ?
    2. Who was the first Australia-born novelist ?
    3. Who was the first actor to play Hercule Poirot on stage ?
    4. Which was the first novel by Gladys Mitchell ?
    5. Which is regarded as the first hard-boiled detective story ?
    6. Who was the first actress to play Miss Jane Marple in a movie ?
    7. Which was the first novel by Raymond Chandler ?
    8. Which was the first Lord Peter Wimsey novel to be adapted for TV ?
    9. Who is regarded as the pioneer of police procedurals ?
    10. Which was the first novel by Margery Allingham to feature Albert Campion ?
    11. Who was the first President of the Detection Club ?
    12. Which was the first novel by Ngaio Marsh ?
    13. Who was the first blind detective in fiction ?
    14. Which was the first novel in British fiction to feature a professional female detective ?
    15. Which was John Dickson Carr’s first novel ?
    16. Which was Elery Queen’s first novel ?
    17. Who was the first recipient of Mystery Writers of America’s Grand Master Award?
    18. Which was the first mystery novel written by an African-American ? .
    19. Who was the first actress to play Miss Marple on TV ?
    20. In which novel by Agatha Christie does Hercule Poirot’s valet George appear for the first time ?

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