History and Mystery Quiz Answers

Earlier this week, as part of the Tuesday Night Bloggers’ month long look at history and mystery, I posted a historical mystery novel quiz. If you haven’t had a go already click here. If you have then keep on reading…

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Round 1 Match the real life historical figures to the mystery novels they appear in.

A. Fire Burn (1957) – Charles Rowan (one of the first two commissioners of the London Metropolitan Police)

B. Captain Cut-Throat (1955) – Joseph Fouche (Napoleon’s director of the secret police)

C. The Hyde Park Murder (1985) – Eleanor Roosevelt

D. The Scent of Murder (1938) – Gracie Allen (actress) (This novel is by S S Van Dine and was also published as The Gracie Allen Murder Case)

E. A Cloudy Day in Babylon (2013) – Aristotle

F. One Corpse Too Many (1979) King Stephen

Round 2 – Match the investigators to their creators.

A. K2 – Hans Olav Lahlum

B. Wilkie Collins – John Dickson Carr

C. Erast Fandorin – Boris Akunin

D. Samuel Johnson – Lillian de la Torre

E. Amelia Peasbody – Elizabeth Peters

F. Sergeant Cribbs – Peter Lovesey

G. Marcus Didius Falco – Lindsey Davis

Round 3 – Put the fictional sleuths in chronological order.

1. Jose Carlos Somoza’s Heracles Pontor  (5th BC)

2. John Maddox Roberts’s Decius Caecillus Metellus the Younger  (70-20BC)

3. Robert Van Gulik’s Judge Dee (7th century)

4. I J Parker’s Sugawara Akitada (11th century)

5. Ellis Peter’s Brother Cadfael (12th century)

6. Paul Doherty’s Brother Athelstan (14th century)

7. C. J. Sansom’s Matthew Shardlake (16th century)

8. Susanna Gregory’s Thomas Chaloner (17th century)

9. Carrie Bebris’s Elizabeth Bennet (early 1800s)

10. Matthew Pearl’s Dante Club members (American Civil War Era)

11. Philip Kerr’s Bernie Gunther (1930s-1950s)

12. Michael Chabon’s Meyer Landsman (2008ish)

Round 4 – Miscellaneous Question

  1. Clayton Rawson was a professional magician with the stage name the Great Merlini. According to The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing (1999) he published his detective novels under his stage name and one of his amateur sleuths characters was a magician named the Great Merlini.
  2. James Ellroy’s novel The Black Dahlia (1987) was partially inspired by his mother’s murder.
  3. a) All the texts are inspired by/based on real life cases.

b) All the texts involve Richard III

C) All the texts involve Jack the Ripper

4. M J Trow’s Dark Entry (2011) is the odd one out as all the other texts look at Christopher Marlowe’s death, whilst Trow’s novel has Marlowe as the amateur sleuth.

5. Agatha Christie appears in Baxt’s The Betty Davis Murder Case (1994).



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