Fictional Sleuths and their Offspring Quiz: The Answers

Earlier this week as part of the Tuesday Night Bloggers’ month long look at Children in Crime, I posed a quiz to see how well you remember the offspring of some of our favourite fictional sleuths. If you haven’t already had a go click here.

If you’ve tested your wits and got your fingers crossed you’ve got them right then take a look below to see how many you guessed correctly:

  1. Tommy and Tuppence Beresford – Deborah, Betty and Derek
  2. Amanda and Albert Campion – Rupert
  3. Harriet Vane and Lord Peter Wimsey – Bredon, Paul and Roger
  4. Agatha Troy and Inspector Alleyn – Ricky
  5. Judith Raven and Sir John Appleby – Bobby
  6. Maggie and John Brynes – Tony
  7. Superintendent Battle – Sylvia and 4 unnamed other siblings.
  8. Inspector Wexford – Sheila and Sylvia
  9. Martin Beck – Ingrid and Rolf
  10. Inspector Ghote – Ved
  11. Sir Henry Merrivale – 2 unnamed daughters
  12. Lady Lupin – Peter and Jill

And the answer to the bonus question, Betty, who is the only child from the list who was adopted.

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