Tuesday Night Bloggers: Children in Crime – Week 2

This month the Tuesday Night Bloggers (an eclectic bunch of bloggers from around the world) are looking at children in crime, be they victims, sleuths or even the criminals! It is my turn at collecting the posts this month and once again there is an interesting variety of pieces, making you look at familiar writers anew and whetting our appetites for unfamiliar ones.


Bev at My Readers’ Block: TBN – Children in Crime: The Baker Street Irregulars

Brad at ah sweet mystery blog: All my Deadly Daughters: Christie’s Children in Fact and Fiction

Moira at Clothes in Books: Children in Crime: The Worst School in the World?

Week 1’s posts are here.

For my own contribution this week I decided to do a quiz. Many fictional sleuths have children, but I’ll be honest I haven’t always paid that much attention to them, unless of course they become involved in the novels’ mysteries. Therefore this week’s quiz seeks to remedy this neglection and the aim of the game is to name the offspring of various fictional sleuths. The answers for this quiz will be put up on Friday.


Bonus Question: Which child is the only one definitely known to have been adopted?


  1. Neglection?? Hmm, interesting word . . .

    I have no idea except for Battle’s children Sylvia and 4 unnamed), the Alleyn baby (Ricky), Roger, Paul and Bredon Wimsey, I assume, and Deborah and Derek Beresford (and Betty??? she must be a very late one!)

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  2. In addition to daughter Ingrid, Martin Beck has a son Rolf.
    Henry Merrivale has 2 daughters. In the novelette All In A Maze, Merrivale says,”I’ve got a house, and a wife, and two daughters, and two good-for-nothing sons-in-law I’ve had to support for 18 years.”

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