Mystery Scene Magazine Summer 2016

The new issue of Mystery Scene is out, which is very exciting for me for two reasons. The first reason is that this is my first experience of reading this publication and its combination of new authors and familiar faces in print and on screen, makes it a tempting read. The second reason is that I have an article of my own in this edition entitled: At War with Wimsey: The WWII home front through the eyes of Lord Peter Wimsey, his family and friends. This is a piece I particularly enjoyed writing as it is centred around The Wimsey Papers which Dorothy L. Sayers wrote from November 1939-January 1940 and these letters and diary extracts from her characters were published in The Spectator. Two of the key things I discuss in the article is how Sayers has more than one purpose in The Wimsey Papers (it’s not all about satire and cheering up the British public) and also how she uses her characters to comment on contemporary events and anxieties. Golden Age detective fiction is often said to not engage with current events that were going on at the time, but I think The Wimsey Papers definitely show this is not the case, or at least not the whole of it. The papers themselves are on the whole fun to read, especially those from the Dowager Duchess, Lord Peter’s mother, whose entries are certainly the funniest. I must also say that Mystery Scene have done a great job on the layout of my article, making it for me very visually pleasing (but then I am rather biased!).

Mystery Scene Magazine

One of the pieces I am most looking forward to reading in this edition of Mystery Scene is the one on James Runcie’s Grantchester series, as I have been meaning to try his books for some time, having seen a little of the TV adaptations. I also think the focus on reviews in this magazine is appealing and as I flicked through the pages more than one book caught my eye, especially those in the section which reviews reference books. Hopefully reading this magazine won’t have too dire a consequence for my TBR pile or should I say TBR piles.

To find out more about this publication head over to their website which you can access by clicking here.


  1. Nice! – Great magazine and as a current subscriber can’t wait to get summer edition and look forward to reading your article. Also a Sayer’s fan and currently reading Gaudy Nights.

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  2. I am enjoying Gaudy Night quite a bit. So far my favorite Sayers have been, Murder Must Advertise and the The Nine Taylors, another of her books that seems to promote a lot of discussion among the faithful. I think it’s going to be right there amongst the other two, as one of my favorites, when I finished.

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