Mystery Novels Number Challenge Answers

Last week I asked readers to some numerically themed questions concerning mystery novels and their writers, with the 16 questions corresponding with one number between 0-15. If you haven’t had a go already click here.

For those who have here are the answers below:

A. How many P. D. James novels feature Adam Dalgliesh? 14

B. How many years did Clyde B. Clason write detective novels for? 5

C. How many times is the victim stabbed in Murder on the Orient Express? 12

D. How many mystery novels did A. A. Milne write? 1

E. Solve this sum: The number of novels featuring Gladys Mitchell’s Mrs Bradley – The number of Sherlock Holmes short stories = ? 10 (66-56)

F. Solve this sum: 4 x The Number of novels featuring Torrey Chanslor’s beagle sisters = ? 8

G. What number is shared by a J. Jefferson Farjeon novel and an alternative title for an Agatha Christie novel? 13

H. How many people are against the “Yard” in a collaborative work published in 1936? 6

I. This novel was published in 1965 by an author who shares the same surname as the author of the James Bond novels and whose first name is shared by the creator of the amateur sleuth Lady Lupin. But what number is included in the title of this novel? The novel was Nothing is the number when you die, meaning the number is 0.

J. How many pipes are needed in the title of Julian Symon’s Holmesian themed novel? 3

K. How many novels did Anthony Berkeley write under the name of Frances Iles? 4

L. Solve this: The number of novels featuring Miss Marple ÷ The number of Napoleons featuring in Sherlock Holmes short story = ? 2 (12 ÷ 6 = 2)

M. Solve this: (The number of novels featuring Josephine Tey’s Inspector Grant x The number of completed Lord Peter Wimsey novels written by Dorothy L. Sayers + The total number of mystery novels Harriet Rutland wrote) ÷ The number of texts Christie wrote featuring Tommy and Tuppence = ? 15 (6 x 12 + 3) ÷ 5 = 15

N. What is the number of wrong answers in John Dickson Carr’s 1952 novel? 9

O. Solve this: The number of men found in the title of Gladys Mitchell novel published in 1957 – The number of people mentioned in Raymond Postgate’s famous novel published in 1940 = ? 11 (23-12 = 11)

P. Solve this: The number of paces required to reach Baker Street in the 1956 film featuring Van Johnson – The number of novels featuring Nicholas Blake’s Nigel Strangeways = ? 7 (23-16 = 7)

How many did you get right?


    • Ah yes this is what you get when you start second guessing yourself in a hurry, whilst skim reading the Wikipedia entry on Tey, where TFA is added in both the IG section and the Stand Alone section. I’ve edited accordingly.


  1. While using BODMAS and other mnemonics, one should remember that multiplication and division have equal precedence and that addition and subtraction have equal precedence. If we give precedence to addition over subtraction, it may give a wrong result.
    Consider 9 – 5 + 3 If we do the addition first we get the wrong answer 1 whereas the correct answer is 7.


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