Christie Challenge No. 3 Answers

Last week I asked readers to have a go at matching Christie novels with their correct settings. If you haven’t had a go already click here.


For everyone else here are the answers below:

  1. Lusitania – The Secret Adversary
  2. Merlinville-sur-mer – The Murder on the Links
  3. Cape Town – The Man in the Brown Suit
  4. King’s Abbott – The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
  5. Village near Dartmoor – The Sittaford Mystery
  6. Marchbolt seaside town in Wales – Why Didn’t They Ask Evans
  7. Istanbul – Murder on the Orient Express
  8. Andover – The ABC Murders
  9. Cairo – Death on the Nile
  10. Jerusalem – Appointment with Death
  11. Soldier Island – And Then There Were None
  12. Gossington Hall – The Body in the Library
  13. Lymstock – The Moving Finger
  14. Chipping Cleghorn – A Murder is Announced
  15. Morocco – Destination Unknown
  16. Rutherford Hall – 4:50 from Paddington
  17. St Honore – A Caribbean Mystery
  18. Dillmouth – Sleeping Murder

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