The Carr Challenge Answers

Last week I decided to shake things up by throwing a new author into the mix and asked readers to identify the 14 John Dickson Carr titles in the picture provided. If you haven’t had a go already click here. Responses to the challenge were rapid and I was definitely impressed with readers’ knowledge of Carr titles. But just so everyone can check their answers, here is the full list of titles hidden below:

  1. The Lost Gallows
  2. Castle Skull
  3. Poison in Jest
  4. The Waxwork Murder
  5. The Blind Barber
  6. The Hollow Man
  7. The Burning Court
  8. The Crooked Hinge
  9. Till Death Do Us Part
  10. He Who Whispers
  11. The Emperor’s Snuff Box
  12. The Black Spectacles
  13. Fire Burn!
  14. Scandal at High Chimneys

Come back to the blog tomorrow for a fresh challenge!

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