Agatha Christie Riddles Answers

It is that time of the week again where I revealed the answers to last week’s puzzle, which required readers to guess Agatha Christie titles from riddles. Lots of you took part, though it seems Michael Jackson lyrics are less memorable than I thought. If you haven’t already had a go at the riddles yourself click on the link above, otherwise read on down for the answers. How many did you get correct?

Cryptic Clue No. 1: A crime takes place on a mode of transport which links to one of Picasso’s painting periods.

Answer: The Mystery of the Blue Train

Cryptic Clue No. 2: A Michael Jackson song lyric is found in this Christie novel title.

Answer: The ABC Murders

Cryptic Clue No. 3: A furry onlooker is on hand to give Poirot assistance in solving the mystery in this Christie title.

Answer: Dumb Witness

Cryptic Clue No. 4: A foreboding mobile digit.

Answer: The Moving Finger

Cryptic Clue No. 5: This Christie title is moving in the direction of nothing.

Answer: Towards Zero

Cryptic Clue No. 6: Poison really glitters in this Christie novel.

Answer: Sparkling Cyanide

Cryptic Clue No. 7: A Jane Austen family features in this Christie title.

Answer: At Bertram’s Hotel

Cryptic Clue No. 8: An item found at home, which gives a sense of finality.

Answer: Curtain

Cryptic Clue No. 9: A baker’s dozen of conundrums.

Answer: Thirteen Problems

Cryptic Clue No. 10: An anaemic equine.

Answer: The Pale Horse

Cryptic Clue No. 11: I bet the killer was really teed off when he was discovered in this Christie story.

Answer: Murder on the Links

Cryptic Clue No. 12: A depressed conifer.

Answer: Sad Cypress

Cryptic Clue No. 13: Concise emptiness.

Answer: The Hollow

Cryptic Clue No. 14: A new homeowner’s nightmare.

Answer: Crooked House

Cryptic Clue No. 15: Snow white’s companions, a popular soft drink and the hills of Rome share something in common with this Christie title.

Answer: The Seven Dials Mystery

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