The Carr Challenge

Having provided (sounds better than inflicted) two challenges to my readers on this blog concerning Agatha Christie and deciphering her titles from her front covers or riddles, I thought this week I should turn my attention to another pillar of the Golden Age detective writing community, John Dickson Carr. And with a new author, this also means a new type of challenge. Below is a picture, filled with words. Within this pile of words are 14 Carr titles, along with some rogue words to muddy the field. All you have to do is spot the 14 titles and post them in the comments section below. Answers will go up next Thursday. Also let me know what you think of the new challenge format, as this is my first go at doing one like this.

Good Luck!

Carr Challenge


  1. I can only find thirteen, and then I’m left with his unpublished final manuscript Murder for the Waxworks Hag’s Arabian Velvet Tables. I could be wrong, but I think you’re missing a Nook, Knock or Nights…

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  2. 1. The Hollow Man
    2. The Burning Court
    3. Fire, Burn!
    4. The Emperor’s Snuff Box
    5. The Crooked Hinge
    6. Castle Skull
    7. He Who Whispers
    8. The Blind Barber
    9. Black Spectacles
    10. The Waxworks Murder
    11. Poison in Jest
    12. Till Death
    13. Scandal at Chimneys
    14. The Lost Gallows

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  3. Booyah!

    1. The Burning Court
    2. Scandal At High Chimneys
    3. Castle Skull
    4. The Blind Barber
    5. The Crooked Hinge
    6. The Hollow Man
    7. Till Death Do Us Part
    8. The Black Spectacles
    9. Poison In Jest
    10. He Who Whispers
    11. The Emperor’s Snuff Box
    12. The Lost Gallows
    13. The Waxworks Murder
    14. Fire, Burn!

    This was a teeny bit challenging because I’m an American and knew the Bencolin title under a different name (The Corpse in the Waxworks!) But it was a great way to wake me up for another busy end of week at work! Thanks, Kate!

    Oh, and it’s Scandal at HIGH Chimneys! So, I win Bev’s prize!!!!!

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    • This explains the missing title in my list…I too know it as The Corpse in the Waxworks (that’s what my copy is called). Thanks, Brad, I honestly thought I was going potty for a while there.


  4. It was too easy for me ! I will just give the initials.
    1. FB !
    2. THM
    3. TBC
    4. TLG
    5. TCH
    6. TBS
    7. HWW
    8. CS
    9. TWM
    10. PIJ
    11. TBB
    12. SAHC
    13. TESB
    14. TDDUP

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    • This is always the difficulty in setting challenges which are middle of the road as you don’t want to make them too easy or too hard. At this rate I might have to start doing differentiated challenges and make an impossibly hard one just for you, like Carr in Arabic or something!


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