Guess That Christie! Results

So last week I set all my readers a challenge of guessing the titles of Agatha Christie books based on their front covers. If you haven’t had a go yet, do so now before reading the results below.


  1. Death on the Nile
  2. Ordeal by Innocence
  3. Cards on the Table
  4. Dead Man’s Folly
  5. A Caribbean Mystery
  6. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas
  7. Taken at the Flood
  8. The Murder at the Vicarage
  9. Halloween Party
  10. The Body in the Library

Out of all these covers, the hardest one or the one which seemed to bamboozle the most was number 2. After all a woman with strange flowers in her hair and a snake don’t exactly bring to mind a story which centres on a cold case in the UK, where a man was wrongfully convicted of murdering his foster mother. Therefore out of the 10 this book cover definitely gets the prize for the most bizarre. My favourite is number 8, The Murder at the Vicarage as I thought it quite clever, as well as being on topic.

Over to you

I hope you enjoyed my little challenge and well done to Richmonde and cmikolj whose use of their little grey cells led them to getting the most correct on their first guesses.

Which covers did you enjoy the most and which did you think were the most bizarre?


  1. I’ve always loved Tom Adams’s Christie covers and have most of them on battered and treasured paperbacks. Interesting that he actually did two different covers for Ordeal by Innocence – the other one shows a white dove rather gorily plucking out the eye of a black crow – not pleasant but maybe more relevant to the text.

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