10 Gift Ideas for Crime Fiction Lovers Part 2

Idea Number 6: British Mysteries Quiz Deck

Perfect gift for the mystery readers who see themselves as experts. Now is the chance for them to prove it! But even if you are a relative novice to the genre, each question card comes with loads of extra information, so you’ll always come away knowing more than you started.


See also: Agatha Christie Trivia Game in a Tin

Idea Number 7: The PC Game

I suggest this idea with some trepidation as I know there are those who find computer game adaptations of detective fiction horrors and abominations. But nonetheless for crime fiction lovers who love a good hidden object game and are not text purists there are some well-made games out there:

Dead Man's Folly and 4:50 from paddington
Dead Man’s Folly and 4:50 from Paddington









Murders in the Rue Morgue
Murders in the Rue Morgue







The Yellow Room
The Yellow Room






Idea Number 8: Badges

Maybe not the biggest of gifts but on sites such as café press, there are a number of delightful badges which add a little bit of criminal bling to any bag or coat.















Idea Number 9: Stationary

For those who keep a diary or are always writing notes there is a selection of notebooks, pens and stationary related items. Here are a couple of examples:

SH note book
















Idea Number 10: Miscellany – Ranging from odd ad quirky to just a bit creepy…

Fancy getting your detective fiction reader a jokey present? Know someone who is a little bit too keen on Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot then here are a few ideas:

Mouse mat
Mouse mat









Hercule Poirot Face Mask
Hercule Poirot Face Mask
Pillow case for those who like Hercule Poirot a little bit too much...
Pillow case for those who like Hercule Poirot a little bit too much…








So there we have it. 10 ideas to get your deserving crime fiction addict a slightly different gift this Christmas. Hope you’ve liked them or with the latter idea had a good laugh.



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